Church History

St.Marys Orthodox Church

St. George church at Haripad which was situated in Haripad village, Pilapuzha Muri of Karthigappally Natturjyam was demolished nearly seven hundred years ago as per the kalpana of the then Karthigappally Natturajav. The place where the church survived is known as Pallipparambu. The demolished church was divided into two and one part was taken to Cheppad and the other the other one to Karthigappally. The their own and they had to depend either Cheppad Church or Karthigappally Church for their spiritual needs.

One Mathew Mathen who was a member of Karuvatta church took charge at Haripad as Munsiff. He was residing at a rented house at Haripad. Munsiff who was very regular in attending prayers found it difficult to travel upto Cheppad for attending the Holy Qurbana. The Munsiff discussed the issue with one of his subordinates at Munsiff court, one Iduculla Manavelil and with other orthodox members at Haripad and finally decided to construct a new church at Haripad. For this purpose the Munsiff donated 34 cents of land owned by him.

St. Marys Orthodox Church, Haripad is now surving in the land handed over by the Munsiff free of cost. Haripad St.Marys Orthodox Church members are indebted to this man forever. The propsed site for church was surrounded by punjanilam and it assumed the shape of an island. The only access to reach there was boat jouney. Building materials were brought to the site with much difficulty. Pain and sufferings taken by the then church members are to be remembered for ever.

In 23rd October 1901 HE Geevarghese Mar Gregoriose (Parumala Kochuthirumeni laid the foundation stone of Haripad St. Mary's Orthodox Church. It is worth mentionable that this church and the church members are really blessed to have it done by the hands of Parumala Thirumeni. Also it is reported that this is the last function attended by Kochuthirumeni in his world mission. Yes we are still enjoying and experiencing the unseen presence and blessings of our beloved Kochuthirumeni and it will last for ever.

Initial Construction goes like the foundation in bricks wall and roof with bamboo and coconut leaves. Total membership of the church was 14 families and Holy Qurbana conducted once in a month.

Within a period of 30 years, we could replace the roof with wooden members and walls with bricks plastered. It was under the vicarship of Rev. Fr. David, the church achieved steady progress. At this time Sunday school classes were conducted at the Marthoma Cheppad which belongs to late Adv. Kattil Cherian. Inspite of several obstacles. Holy Qurbana continued uninterrupted, that too twice in a month.

It was during the vicarship of Rev. Fr.Ezhuthil Yacoob, the church achieved a lot of development spiritually and physically. He energised the Sunday School, Youth League and Marthamariyam Samajam. Observance of Ettunombu declared as the main perunal during this period and the convention lasting eight days also started.

In 1961 required land for the construction of a road was purchased from the nearby land owners and the work started.

Subsequent years in the history of Haripad St. Marys Church witnessed a serious of achievements. In memory of the completion of 50 years a cross was constructed in front of the church. In the plot donated by Maramma Varkey of Kochu Veettil, Akamkudy near Nedumthara another cross came into existence. By the end of 1980 a parish hall, a long pending dream become a reality. In the meantime all the adjacent properties were brought under the ownership of the church including a portion donated by Smt. Sosamma Varkey, W/o. Varkey Kattilkizhakkathil. The milestone activity in the history of the church is the construction of a cross at National Highway near Govt. Hospital where 2 cents of land was under possession of the church. The National Highway cross was consecrated in September 1991.

By 1997 the church became in a deteriorated condition. The General Body of the church under the vicarship of Rev. Fr. P.T. Daniel decided to reconstruct the church. r. Really speaking it was under the vicarship of Rev.Fr.G John, Haripad church assumed the shape and look of what at present it is. Our most beloved G.John Achan's, unparelled leadership, quality, diplomatic dealings, timely decision and above all his sincere prayer and motivation that resulted in the ultimate completion of the present church. The consecration of the new church was conducted on August 13 and 14 of 2000.